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bella-pees-her-pants-in-restaurant-diaperperv.mp4 [250.11MB] - Miss Bella arrives at the restaurant already super desperate, almost leaking in the car ride over & she asks the waitress where the bathrooms are. She's told that there's been a huge flooding & the staff are doing their best to fix the toilet backup problem & clean the floors. She orders & starts worrying about how badly she needs to pee! She's gripping her crotch tightly, rocking back & forth and is starting to get sweaty from holding it for so long. The waitress comes back with some waters & Bella asks about the bathroom situation again but it's still not ready. She's starting to get very annoyed and upset... EEEP! Was that a leak!? Can you check? OMG, a huge spurt came out & there's a big wet spot on her butt! OMG, she sits down again & tries to hold it but she can't... she's wetting her pants right there!! She can't hold it!! The waitress comes back & Bella is LIVID, so mad that this happened. The waitress tries to comp her meal & wine. Behind the scenes where Bella peels off her pissy pants to show off her wet cotton underwear with a nice cameltoe & talks about how healthy your own pee is.

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