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scratching-stiletto-nails-mistress-iside.mp4 [320.49MB] - I have done my long nails in a beautiful dark blue. I love them. I have a party tonight and I'm sure that everybody will find them gorgeous. But, in the meantime, I have an idea to make a good use of them. You know, my slave too really likes my nails; therefore, why not letting him enjoy them? How? On his back skin!!! The slave has been positioned on the chair, with his arms and legs firmly tied, his back fully exposed. I start scratching his skin from top to bottom, first slowly, then faster and faster; then I move sideways. My nails leaves clear red stripes on his skin and, soon, his back is covered with intricate drawings. What at the beginning seemed not a big deal, is now turning into a real painful . The slave is desperately begging for mercy but I don't stop. I have not finished my drawings yet .... I stop only when I'm happy of my artwork. Do you like it?

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