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almost-caught-public-toilet-dump-missmadisonstone.mp4 [516.28MB] - 3 days ago I ate a big bag of boiled eggs and my ass is really acting up! Bodybuilders need their protein to build big strong muscles but I over did did and now my dirty asshole is paying the price. I just finished my workout and had to go get my daily coffee and do some shopping. On my way to shopping I felt to urge to take a dump and I knew it was gonna be a HUGE brown steamer! Quickly I had to run back to the coffee store because I didn't want to make a brown mess in my biker shorts. I noticed my muscles looked so good and couldn't stop flexing and showing off! Just look at my huge biceps and 6 pack! You know I have a massive brown log waiting for you toilet beta. I want you to start stroking while you watch me flex and wait for my asshole to give you a warm gift. The brown is waiting right there, at the tip for you. Are you ready to be a good toilet for me? Kneel down and wait while I push it out. Its MASSIVE and I almost got caught! Someone tried getting in the bathroom mid push hahaha. I know you love the risk but the reward is soooo much better. Now open up toilet bitch you have a cleaning job.

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