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vored-by-evil-witch-sydneysfetishes.mp4 [507.57MB] - You solicited the help of an agency to meet a hot, single woman. You are excited when they hook you up with hot BBW, Sydney S creams. I bet you were hoping you could feel up on Sydney's hot body, but she has other plans for you. The agency tricked you. Sydney isn't just looking for companionship. Sydney is a devious witch who gets off on eating a mortal like you. Sydney isn't looking to cuddle; she will eat you! Sydney torments you by describing the process of devouring you before she does it. You will go missing, and no one will know you are inside her belly! This scene ends with Sydney telling you about how good you tasted. This hot vore clip includes dirty digestion talk, BBW vore, belly worship, mouth close-ups, tongue close-ups, chewing sounds, and burping.

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